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Sneak in relaxed spa session, daily or once a week..... step out rejuvenated...

Back-to-back meetings, deadlines, helping with homework, cooking, serving hearty meals…... our days are packed to the brim and all we crave for, is a moment to relax. Sneaking in a relaxing spa session daily or at least once a week is just what we need to feel vital; to feel fresh, to be filled with energy and be present in the moment.

A little bit of planning, organizing and sticking to our routines…. we can slip into relax mode in no time. Finish off the major chunk of chores before the spa session; so that nothing pricks our mind while we take the much-needed relaxation.

The one thing that we all like about spa experiences is the clutter free, Zen ambiance that oozes positive vibes. Let’s do a quick wipe down of all surfaces. Then comes fresh towels and robes. The divine feeling of sinking into a luxurious and fresh smelling robe after we take our relaxing bath experience is irresistible. So, we need to also consider the fact that the towels and robes are prepped in advance. It is also a good idea to keep in hand some bath salts or we can DIY some bath melts, . if both are not possible then let essential oils come to our rescue, eucalyptus or lemon grass, any fragrance that soothes is what we are looking for. Put 10 -15 drops of the essential oil to a cotton ball and put it on the shower floor. Once we turn on the shower the essence of the oils will waft up and which is an instant soother.

Once you are ready for the spa session, set the mood and plunge into relax mode. Light candles, soft spa music in the background. If time allows do some skin care …… a soothing facial, or a pedicure….

For an ultimate after spa experience keep ready, a cup of chamomile tea, any green tea or may be cup of hot chocolate…. Anything of your choice…. Sink into your lounge wear and watch a movie or if you are a reading aficionado like me then read. Once you are ready for to fall into slumber, take a walk around your home, switch off the candles and lights and wish good night to your home. Have a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh are relaxed…. Do try and let me know how this routine worked for you.

Happy Musings Tina

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Bhawna Lamba
Bhawna Lamba
23 oct. 2021

Interesting. “ME Time” is the Best

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