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A window to peek into our musings 

Welcome to Mom and Son Musings, a unique blog for you to explore.

Mom and Son Musings has added such value to me and my son's life..

We love the fact that we have this page as an opportunity to share

our thoughts and ideas; our successes and failures

with each one of you. 

So, read on, & enjoy.

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Hi, we are the mom and son duo behind
Mom and Son Musings

Hi, I am Tina. Reading is my passion. I started writing to start expressing the thoughts and musings that come to my mind. 

As I read about everything under the sun, this blog also has almost everything under the sun. 

Thank you for stopping by, hope you got a new thought or musing to ponder over for today. Come back soon ... 

Hi, I am Alan. I started writing by chance. But once I started to write, I understood that it is one of the most efficient tool to express the ideas that fly thru my mind day in an day out. 

I usually write poems. For me, poems are the best way to express an idea or emotion. 

Thank you for stopping by today,  hope you got a new thought or musing to ponder over today. Come back soon.... 

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