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New year... new resolves ...

We had spent the last two weeks with good tidings, get togethers, wishes for an upbeat and prosperous new year…. And now bang!!!! We are already a week into the new year… it crossed my mind that this is the finest time to sit down and access the past year and settle on the resolves for this year.    Often, I do not set a hard and fast resolve, coz once the year proceeds, I tend to let go off almost all my resolves, and when I sit down a year afterword, I stare at the same unfulfilled resolves. So, I keep weekly goals… it’s much easier to track and small tweaks can be made as required. 

When I look at the bygone year, a major move that we made as a family was to embark on our slow living journey and we trust that we shall continue doing the same …. slow down, appreciate the time we get to spend with our loved ones, make memories, live the moment and be content with the present. This year, one of the resolves that we want to keep as part of mindful living is to do the early rise routine. Although we get up early, we still have not settled on a morning routine. Here is the plan. Get up early...Do Yoga..... read the daily scripture, before heading out of the door. Of course, the “in between” stuff will not go anywhere… cooking and orchestrating a ton of stuff before we get out of the door…. But then to help breeze through this specific “in between” stuff we would favor to plan all the meals weekly, do the weekly grocery shopping and be prepared for an additional guest or two.

We incorporated yoga into our everyday routine recently… Once we get into the groove, we want to enroll into a yoga session and become better at it.   Another resolve that we plan to implement is to set sound boundaries and to say “no” when it is a “no”. A firm “NO” than to say “yes” to please anyone. Moreover, we also want to stop endeavoring to be the best at everything. We as a family want to practice, to appreciate “failure”; and take a pause when necessary and to pay attention to the steps that led to “failures”.   

We want to take time to analyze our priorities and obligations and discover ways to free up our time so that we get more time to destress, be at peace and enjoy life’s simple delights. Slow mornings, relaxed evenings and unwinding before bedtime will be our top priorities this year when it comes to our way of life.   Personally, I trust I can re-start my hobbies earnestly. I have resolved to myself that I will read my current read and write down my gratitude journal daily. Another promise is to limit new purchases.. (Will keep you posted on this one beyond any doubt 😜).

The last resolve is kinda huge for us…. To be consistent with the blog writings for🤞 I am putting all these resolves out in the open, with the trust and hope we will be able to full fill these resolves to ourselves and you all.   

Do you have any resolves that you plan to pull through this year? Do let me know in the comments below.

Happy Musings


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Bhawna Lamba
Bhawna Lamba
06 janv. 2022

My Resolve would be to read all your blogs and gets inspiration and Yes will limit on my online purchase and and also like to be a patient mom who wants to see kids grow on their own . Fingers crossed 🤞 🤗❤️😊🥳

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