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We are back after a long hiatus

Hello fellow musers,  


We are back after a long hiatus, with board exams and a lot of travel in between this was indeed an unplanned long hiatus. With the start of new year we plan to be more consistent with our blog and to revive it. So here we are all set with a refreshed mindset and exciting plans.


The post-Christmas blues are genuine at our tiny nest and has exacerbated by the re-opening of school and office. But we always try to look on the bright side, and we enjoy the luxury of ringing in the new year and celebrate winter. With the Christmas décor all packed away, the winter décor is in. The mantra at our nest is warm throws, carpets and rugs, soft lightings and everything comfy. Soft jazz is our latest musical interest. During these long, chilly winter days, candles, soft lighting, and jazz sets the tone for us to spend our afternoons and evenings together.   

Something else in the works is to revive our family monthly “wine down”. This was something that we did religiously during the COVID -19 lockdown and after. It, kind off fell off tracks last year. The concept is very simple and doable. Every second Friday or Saturday of the month we as a family sit down for a wine down. A full-bodied wine and some good cheese for the winter months and a tub of ice-cream in the summer months. No phones, it is all talks. It just sets the ambiance for a complete wind down. It helped us three musketeers tremendously during our stressful times and has helped us bond with each other.  

Also, new reading plans have been set in place. The goal for this year is to read at least two books per month. I started with Nandita Iyer's "This Handmade Life” and plan to finish Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's “Independence” this month. If you'd like to read along, please let me know in the comments. I think it will be fun to do a read along. In my next blog post, I will include the titles of the books that I plan to read in February. 

Now for our blog, the idea is to include each one of you as an integral part of our literary family. We can build our community and share our musings with each other which will help each of us get to lead a slow, full filling life and give us diverse perspectives and help us enrich our views.

Let me know in the comments below if you are interested to send in your musings. 

Signing off with a promise to come back with the next read next week. 

Happy Musings  


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Jyotikka Bhan
Jyotikka Bhan
08 de jan.

Its great to read your blog after long .I would love to contribute !

Tina Joe
Tina Joe
09 de jan.
Respondendo a

Hello Jyotika ... Thank you. It is so wonderful that you want to contribute. Please email us your musings at

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