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The sounds of our homes

Once the look and the scent of our homes are set, we ought to begin tuning in to the sounds of our home. Intentionally or unconsciously we all make a lot of sound, our homes produce a lot of sounds…. Every home has a unique story, and sound, plays an important part in making the story interesting.

Making a conscious effort to listen to the sounds of our homes will help us understand the ones that we need to eliminate or bring down the volume of.

Let us wake up early and try to spend 10 minutes listening to the sound of our sleeping home…. The motor running in the background, the refrigerator, the fans in each room, the sound of the kettle,… we will be able to identify the sound of our home while it sleeps and when it wakes up….

The time by which the rest of the family begins their day, we will still be able to identify the sounds that are added on…. Once we identify the sounds, we can start to work along with the rest of the family to ensure that the sounds surrounding our homes are more soothing…. Is it achievable? Yes, provided it is a combined effort from each one inside our nests…..

Calling out to each other from across the rooms…. Shouting at the top of our voices…. The TV, playing in the background all the time…. All the above just spells chaos all the way….

Let us try another scenario. When we want to talk about something or if we want to call over another family member, instead of calling out loud, let us get up from that couch and walk over to where they are and speak to them. Instead of calling out to our kids to wake up in the morning, why not go to their room and wake them up…. Let's spend a good ten minutes with them and we will start to see a change in their perspective and attitude by which they approach each day.

How about putting on low soothing music on the speaker everyday….in the morning and evening…. our homes will start to surround itself in a calm aura….Starting every day of ours this way will lead to relaxed homes and relaxed us….

Now let's imagine our day ahead… as we are already basking in the clam aura that our homes have passed onto us, we would have that calmness in the background the whole day…. we will remain composed enough to face any situation that comes our way.

Let us try and actively bring down the noises in our household… if the TV or music system is switched on in our home, then let the volume not be above what is necessary…. Moreover, switch them off when no one is listening or watching. Set a screen time limit and abide by it.

Also investing is good quality door and window sealers. I just cannot stress on this one enough. This will help to keep the outside noises at bay and also cut down on unnecessary dust and insects from entering our homes.

Set quiet times for everyone in the nest. Even if it is for twenty minutes, let everyone sit down and relax. The only hard rule here should be no TV or mobile to look into. Once you set the rule and abide by it, you will notice that everyone enjoys this quite time. Try doing it for a week, anything can be done other than making noise. Everyone including kids will find ways to keep themselves engaged…. As for kids, their imagination will run riot and they will find out ways to keep themselves amused.... This is also one of the best ways to make kids think out of the box…

Before going to bed… walk into each room…. Switch off the lights and say a thank you to your home. Say a quiet good night to your home…. and ask it to take good rest so that it is ready and fresh to take on the next day…

When the nest is relaxed, the family in it will be relaxed …. Let’s try to actively create a positive aura and a relaxed setting for us to enjoy.

Our homes, our bodies and our minds will start thanking us…..

Happy Musings


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