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Shifting nests.... a long and tedious process ... but with a promise of sweet endings

Shifting to a new home means leaving behind days and months of meticulous planning and designing of rooms, packing, and unpacking stuff, settling in….making a house to a home.... and then flip..... do all of it... all over again…

The whole journey is as exciting as it is unnerving. Trust me when I say... at every juncture, in this journey you will experience first hand, that feeling of “having butterflies in your stomach”.

We are shifting to a new nest soon, our dream home …. the whole process is tedious, to say the least. We started our journey last December, with our search for a new nest. Zeroing in on this nest was an exhaustive process.

Every project has its own advantages and disadvantages... pros and cons.... the best and the worst. The immeasurable information available online about different projects only added to our quandary.

I would have personally, preferred the good old times when you decide up on a locality and then go see a builder and make the decision. With so much on offer and a plethora of reviews everywhere, we were unsure. We were so befuddled that we almost decided to take a reversal and stay put.

A million thank you to our friends, relatives, and well-wishers, who guided us, researched with us, discussed with us, answered each of our queries and cleared our doubts, and helped us take the plunge to our new nest.

Then came the hurdle of mortgage and registring our nest, in our name. It was a stressful two months, and I am happy and relieved that those days are behind us.

The nest is ours.

Now comes the fun part, decorating the nest and making it ready for us, the three musketeers to settle in. Believe me it is fun, and it is no fun. You run around, you chase and you relay behind, the carpenters, the electricians, the painters, and the rest…. Days bleeds into nights. The situations are such that you will start to pull each other’s hair. But when we think of….our new nest …. everything makes sense.

We started the designing part with much enthusiasm. The thing is, with social media and internet combined the information and styles available are so exhaustive that our brains started swimming in these ideas. But when it came to deciding on the style we wanted, we found that all three of us where traveling in different directions.

So, we chose the bird’s strategy of building its nest……A bit like how the winged creatures bring in one twig at a time, persistently, weathering the wind, the sun and the rains… we will build the lovely cozy nest for us.

We sat down – the three musketeers – and put our brains together to decide on the functionality, design and the aesthetics of each room and zero in the design plan. Plans were made, designs drawn, corrected, torn down, re-drawn …tempers flew high.... when one's idea of a wardrobe is functional and the others is abstract....finding the path in between which pleases both became tough.

Then there are some plans on which we are still re-drawing, and are at wits ends that we just can’t get into a consensus …. Is it a bad thingy? Don’t think so….

As the saying goes a home is not built in a day…. There are also many plans that we have kept in the freezer… why? Coz we are concentrating on the basics now ….…. One step, one twig at a time, the nest will be ready, a safe space for us three musketeers to snuggle together and goof around.

Our Nest……………….

Will share more on each step of the planning process in future posts.

Happy Musings


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Bhawna Lamba
Bhawna Lamba
Jun 16, 2021

All the very best . The outcome will be overwhelming 😊Best wishes


Siji Philip
Siji Philip
Jun 16, 2021

Wowww....a glimpse of the beautiful view there....looks amazing.... can't wait to read more of the experience good going...keep it up

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