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Picnic at the miniature garden railway....

NeverEnuf Garden Railway.... is a miniature world, an universe in its own and a pleasant diversion from the usual stuff at the malls. This miniature garden railway offers a unique experience to visitors, it makes you think, it makes you create and keeps you close to nature. Spread over almost an acre of land, here you enter a miniature town, all hand made ...set in the outskirts of Gurugram, India.

Imagine entering a township and being greeted by a train full of candies, well if you are NeverEnuf Garden Railway, this is what will greet you. The treasure hunt sheet (along with an observation sheet, handed you on entry) is a sure shot way to engage kids and adults and guides you through the each area of miniature land with the puzzles and questions.

There are working models of water mill, rope ways, tunnels, drive thru eateries, an open theater, a whole town, bridges and walkways.... It is like walking through an European or Spanish Village, or enjoying the time of your life with the remote controlled boats, planes and trains....... They also have a small farm here, with ducks and turkeys. An occasional visit from peacocks is guaranteed. Every part of this garden has something to offer. There is a wishing well too :)

Once you start to explore the space, you will be amazed by the scale of perfection Mr. Adesh Grover, has put in to make this masterpiece. The sheer amount of detailing on each and every miniature on display here is amazing. Mr. Grover is a treasure trove for people who love making models. He explained to us different materials used to create each model and how he built this garden railway from scratch.

The amount of creativeness and effort that has been put in to create this space is evident in every part of this miniature garden railway. The treasure hunt sheets, the train clay model designing, the observation sheets, the DIY kit that you can take home with you, each of this shows the thought that has been put in to ensure that every person who visits this space takes back something with them.

If you plan to make a visit, a day trip is the best, you could reach by late morning, explore the garden railway in the morning, have a picnic lunch and then spend some fun time with the farm animals or play some board games here. The miniature garden is set in an open space, so ensure that you keep in mind the weather before you plan the trip. The refreshments on site are limited, so it is best to carry your food and drinks with you. Please call the number mentioned in the website and make necessary bookings, and never refer google maps or use GPS, follow the map given on their website and you will not go wrong.

Happy Musings


Please note .... this post is not sponsored by NeverEnuf Garden Railway. Just that I am someone who loved the idea, the space and everything it has to offer. It is worth more than one visit ;)

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