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Kuuraku… an authentic Japanese gastronomic experience………just a couple of hours drive from Gurgaon…

It was one of those languishing Sunday’s when I was torn between the decision to cook up a complete Sunday lunch or cajole hubby dear to order from any of the food outlets nearby…. Out of the blue hubby dear suggested a long drive to an authentic Japanese gastronomic experience, I didn’t think twice. I closed the kitchen for service and got ready in dot five minutes.

In a couple of hours we were on NH8 taking the cut to Neemrana, an ancient historic town in Alwar district of Rajasthan and home to the Japanese Industrial Zone. We took the service road right after Hotel Highway King and reached Kuuraku.

There is ample parking space. The ambience is authentic Japanese, they have Japanese style seating option too. The staff here is very friendly and speaks both Japanese and English. They guided us with the menu and suggested some dishes to try.

For starters we tried the Teppan Gyoza – these were grilled chicken dumplings, and we also had Ebi toast – these are prawn dumpling sandwiches with sweet chili sauce. Though I was never ever a fan of soya sauce Kuuraku made me one.

For main course we had Kuuraku Ramen – which was homemade ramen noodles in special chicken soup, Yakitoridon – grilled chicken with yakitori sauce served on rice and Kuuraku Deluxe Bento – which was a mix of various Japanese side dishes both prawns and chicken served with warm rice. Also how can you not eat Sushi when you are trying to experience authentic Japanese food? So we ordered Salmon Salad roll- which was Sushi roll with grilled salmon, salad and nori seaweed and dessert was cheesecake.

In all it was a tasty gastronomic experience and our sonny boy enjoyed it the most. If you stay in Delhi NCR, I recommend trying out this place.

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Bhawna Lamba
Bhawna Lamba
Jul 06, 2022

Awesome 👏

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