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A sure shot way to earn brownie points from your loved ones

Hello family….

We are in the month of February, in the month dedicated to romance. What better way to celebrate romance that with a hot hot brownie with a scoop of melting ice-cream on top.

So when sonny boy requested me to bake brownies I could not resist. The result was not the most awesome brownie that I made, but yes both hubby and sonny dear cleaned the dish in no time. So I take it for a win win.

Whenever I make brownies it is always the same site I go to.

Almost all my baking adventures were based on Nisa’s recipes. Let me tell you this, if you are a newbie into baking or for that matter cooking follow her recipes to the “T”; chances of you going wrong are next to nil.

This is not a sponsored post in any way. When I started cooking after my marriage I was a big failure, coz I had never cooked before and it was not one of my fortes. When I chanced upon Nisa’s website I was relieved. It was not like the usual websites of that time (the time before YouTube) that just said add these ingredients and follow the below steps you will reach your destination. The best thing about her website was the pictures. She posted pictures at each step, so instead of me scratching my head to know if the onions were cooked enough I could match with the picture.

So when we brought an Oven toaster and grill, I again resorted to her website to start my baking journey. Even though I am not an avid baker let me tell you this each time I baked ensuring that I followed the recipe as it is, the result was always amazing. So go ahead and make these yummy brownies, earn all the brownie points from your loved ones and thank me later.

Happy Musings


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