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Slow living plans for the long languid summer days ahead.....

Long and languid summer days are looming around the corner….long days, short nights, and summer vacays. This summer we want to let each day unfold by itself and not cramp in too many activities. Here are some plans we three musketeers have for our slow living journey this summer.

At our nest ---- The blankets and throws are all washed and packed away. Out came pastels and whites. What better way to create a “Hygge headquarters” than with whites in summer? The aim is to create a refuge where everyone can gather, spend time, and regain our strengths to deal with the outside world.

  • Let in natural light and use soft lighting ---- indirect bright light is one of the best ways to incorporate natural light into our homes without bringing up the heat quotient and sheer curtains are the answer to this. Also, I cannot emphasize enough soft lighting during evenings.

  • Sticking to neutral and pastel colors when it comes to furnishing and bed linen. The eye needs soothing colors to cool down when it is burning outside. So, all the fall and winter colors are packed away and in came whites and pastels.

  • Books and reading nooks ---- we are planning to make as many reading nooks as possible, both indoor and outdoor. As for us there is no better way to use the long afternoons than to read. I am planning to make a cozy reading nook all for myself…. Filled with books and stuff I love, a haven for me… One idea that i came across was to make a teepee tent for kids and make them read with reading lights inside it.

  • For obvious reasons summer gardens are the best and now is the best time to plant anything and everything. We are planning to start a summer garden, but plan to wait until the real hot months and our yearly vacay to Kerala is over.

  • The one essential item when it comes to summer décor is fresh flowers. Add a bouquet and your summer console décor is done.

Our Food – Summer calls for cool salads and coolers and slow living calls for indulgence when it comes to food. For the summer months our meals are planned in a way that it offers us the perfect opportunity to sit down, share the events of the day with each other and feel comfortable and protected.

  • Eat in and eat out ---- we try and balance between both homemade and takeaway. Salads with seasonal veggies are one of our go to ways incorporate summer..

  • A table for three in our balcony ---- on a comparatively cool evening we plan on setting out a table for three in our balcony, having dinner under the stars with a glass of bubbly and a plate of comfort food is sure to make into everyone’s memory albums.

  • An impromptu picnic --- I plan on keep a picnic bag ready with all summer essentials so that on a day when we want to do an impromptu picnic we do not have to run around gathering the essentials.

A staycation --- For the hot months of May and June we always, always go on a staycation. We try and avoid the usual destinations and go exploring new places.

  • This time to give time to each other…. We try to work on our relationships consciously.

  • The time that we have on a vacay is the best time to create memories. And we deliberately let there be time for stories and fun times so that we will have little moments to be remembered later, years from now.

In all we plan to be with nature--- go outside, stimulate our senses and appreciate what we have in hand.

Happy Musings


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